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How to use Liquid Nitrogen in your kitchen

It's not just a smoky, spooky cooking technique glamorised on cookery shows. Liquid nitrogen (LN) is mainstream food now, and it might not be long before you'll have the stuff bubbling away in your own kitchen.

With innovative chefs using it to ice up liquid-centred meringues and lolly pops, liquid nitrogen is fast becoming the `go to' coolant to freeze and powder products that were unimaginable a while back. It freezes the food and thus enhances the taste and texture of ingredients.
Chefs practising molecular gastronomy now extensively use LN to freeze strawberries, citrus fruits, herbs and even ingredients such as olive oil, honey and syrups and then powder them finely to be used like never before.

LN, which boils at minus 196 Celsius, instantly chills drinks too and has, therefore, become popular with top bartenders the world over. It allows inventive mixologists to freeze alcohol for innovative cocktails which wouldn't have been possible with normal cooling techniques. That's not all. If you thought you'd figured out iced coffee, there is nitro coffee hiting coffee counters abroad! Nitro -a cold brew infused with nitrogen -is used to create a creamier and smoother drink.

Though served from the tap, don't overdo it as it is loaded with caffeine.
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