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Makroud (Fried date cookies) Recipe

1    Teaspoon active dry yeast
1    Cup lukewarm water
1    Tablespoon sugar
¼    Teaspoon saffron
½    Cup soft butter
41/2 Cups flour
¼    Teaspoon salt
½    Teaspoon cinnamon
1     Egg
2    Tablespoons orange spirit
1    Tablespoon vinegar
Oil for deep frying
For the filling:-
Date paste
Marzipan paste
Chopped pistachio with orange blossom water
Sesame or pistachio or almond slices for garnishing
-Blend yeast in lukewarm water and a pinch of sugar, set to foam.
-Blend saffron in small amount of hot water, and set aside to color and saturate the water with its taste.
-Whisk butter, add sugar, beat until creamy.
-Mix flour with cinnamon and salt and add to batter, beat until well combined.
-Add both yeast and saffron mixture to the batter along with eggs.
-Dilute the orange blossom water and vinegar with the remaining amount of water, gradually add to the dough, knead until soft dough is obtained.
-Cover the dough and let rise for ½ an hour.
-Divide the dough. Roll on floured surface into thin dough.
-Mash the date paste to soften, then shape into a long, thin cylinder, do the same thing with the marzipan.
-Fill the dough either with the date or marzipan cylinder or the chopped pistachio, roll to form a cylinder.
-Cut the cylinder into equal slices.
-Deep fry the Makroud slices until golden brown from all sides. remove from oil transfer into syrup , then drip the excess syrup.
-Garnish as desired with sesame, chopped pistachio or almond slices.
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